Wednesday, 12 September 2012

What Can I Do To Keep My Home Safe When I’m Away ?

Secure your home from break-ins with these six tips from the men in blue at the 
Subang Jaya District Police Headquarters.
1. Leave some lights on
    Leave a few lights switched on to deter burglars and give them the impression 
    that someone is at home.
2. Practise neighbourly goodwill
    Here’s a reason to be nice to your neighbours. They’ll be more willing to 
    keep an eye on your home when you’re away.
3. Install an alarm system
    Although a home security system isn’t fool-proof, it will help to slow 
    down burglars and alert your neighbours to an intrusion.
4. Lock up
    Check that all your doors and windows are securely locked before 
     heading out.
5. Make sure there’s nowhere to hide
    Remember to trim hedges and spruce up your garden before leaving. 
    Overgrown shrubs make ideal hiding places for thieves.
6. Don’t leave notes lying around
     The last thing you want to do is have everyone know that you’re away, 
     so avoid putting out any notes announcing that you’re not home. 
     Make personel calls to anyone who needs to know.

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